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According to our 7th Tradition, Meetings are self-supporting. This does not end with financial contributions. In San Diego we are blessed enough to have an office (an OAsis if you will) to help out with some basic stuff. We provide and maintain the oasandiego.org web page, publish a meeting directory, mail out the Reachout and conduct general business for the fellowship. Below please find some links and forms that are either useful to all meetings, or customized for the San Diego Fellowship.

So you want to start a meeting?

Overeaters Anonymous is a collective of individual groups. Each group (or meeting) is self-supporting. You can literally start a meeting anyplace you can find. Even around your Kitchen Table. The OAsis located at 8825 Aero Drive Suite 310, in San Diego is the San Diego County Overeaters Anonymous Headquarters. We have 2 meeting rooms available. The OAsis handles its own schedule. To start a meeting here it is easier than most places.

Steps to Start:

  1. Check the Calendar page to be sure the rooms are available. Check both the Meeting Calendar and the Events Calendar. Events are special non-meeting (not a group) events. Some are regular meetings like the IG Group Meeting and the Service Board Meeting.
  2. Define your meeting. WSO has several Standard Formats to choose from. You can even create your own special format as long as it follows the standards as set by WSO for an OA Meeting.
  3. Request the time slot: send an e-Mail or call the office to have your meeting scheduled and put up on the calendar page.
  4. Each meeting is asked to provide a 7th tradition. The OAsis does not have a �meeting fee� we ask your meeting choose to donate. There are sheets for a 60-30-10 Split of the 7th Tradition. Each meeting is expected to have a prudent reserve based on expenses. What other expenses those are is up to the meeting, Literature, Tokens and such are common expenses. Some meetings decide to just give all moneys voluntarily collected to the OAsis. This is a meeting group conscious decision. The World Service Organization considers $3 per person for the 7th tradition a suggested contribution. Each individual contribution is up to the individual, there are no fees or required payments.
  5. If the meeting is successful after 2 months, it is requested the secretary of the meeting contact OA World Service Organization (WSO) at their website to Add a Meeting. Register your meeting. This will issue a Meeting ID and then start counting yoaur group among the world wide fellowship.
    • Please contact OA San Diego and provide the Meeting ID for our records.

It is also important to have some structure in meetings. All positions should rotate in service. Generally, rotations last about 6 months. Some prefer a year. Your meeting should not rest on the shoulders of one person. Having a team is a good way to make sure the meeting continues. Here are some positions we require (*) or suggest:

The Secretary ensures that things run smoothly. This person may not lead a meeting, but they are in charge of communicating with the group to ensure that readers read and leaders lead.

Collects the 7th tradition and desperses it as needed. This may include writing a check to the Region 2 and WSO that will then be sent to those organizations using the 60-30-10 split. Drop the 7th Tradition (Cash or check) in the box in the back of the room. reimburse meeting expenses if any, for literature and tokens.

Designated Downloader:
The DD is the internet connection for the group. Announcements and valuable information comes via eMail or Web now a days. Having somebody who is willing to receive the eMail or download the new information for the meeting and share it (either verbally or in print) can really keep a meeting connected. Getting on our Reachout eMail blast will keep you in the information loop.

Stands down on the first floor by the elevator, or on the third floor landing. Greets folks coming to the meeting and can answer a few questiosn about the meeting.

Chair Setup Person:
Comes a few minutes early to the meeting to make sure the chairs are arranged in a manner consistent with the type of meeting you are having.

*IG Representative:
Takes the meeting groups conciousness on issues affecting the whole fellowship. Brings concerns to eh monthly IG Meeting (Generally the first Saturday of each month at 2:00 PM). Brings back and records group thoughts from the IG meeting to the indivudal group.

Cross Talk a Problem
We are often encouraged to not Cross Talk at meetings. But it is often hard to know exactly what that is. There has-been some blatant events involving cross talk. So I thought it would be prudent to remind everybody.

Please find the WSO Response to Cross Talk on the back of this document.

Please remember this simple rule of thumb:
If you interrupt or comment on anybodys share, or your share is about anybody else, it is cross talk.
The only exception to this are quotes from approved literature.

A good share contains your personal experience, personal strength, and your hope. That is where the fellowship can learn from your efforts and find something for themselves.

Download this Ask It Basket response from 1999

Starting a meeting is a simple porcess. You will never know the benefit that you may be starting for a newcomer that found your meeting, and therefore thier abstinenc. Please consider starting the kind of meeting that you have always wanted. We are responsible for our own recovery.

If you have a meeting that is falling apart, you might contact some folks to come join you to bring the meeting to a standard that means recovery. OA has helpful downloads that can help you strengthen your meeting. If you need help call somebody who has the recovery you want to see, and ask them for help. We are a fellowship. The fellowship can't help unless you ask.

Helpful Forms

Helpful Links

OA.org - WSO Meeting tools
Add a New Meeting
Cancel a Meeting
Edit a Meeting

How to Chage a Meeting

To download a HiDef copy to play locally on your compurer click here: Download How to Change a Meeting