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Is Overeaters Anonymous for Young people?

If you have a problem with food, give yourself the following quick quiz. Be honest - you are doing this for YOU!

  1. Do you eat as a response to all kinds of feelings, highs, lows and in-betweens?
  2. Does your overeating make you miserable?
  3. Do your eating habits interfere with your social life; or does your social life revolve around food
  4. Do you eat normally in front of others and binge when you are alone?
  5. Do you drift off in class because your are thinking about food or losing weight?
  6. Do you hate gym and other activities because of your weight?
  7. Do you spend more than you would like to on junk food?
  8. Do you sometimes steal food or money to buy it?
  9. Do you pass up dances and other events becaue you can't fit into nice clothes?
  10. Do you resent people's comments and helpful suggestions about your weight or the amount of food you eat?

If your answer to most of these questions is "yes," you are not alone. Many people, including a lot of teenages, suffer from the disease of compulisve overeating, a disease from which we can recover.

Overeaters Anonymous can help make your teen years some of the best years of your life. How? By sharing the experience, strength and hope of those who came before you and who were helped to over-come the problems we have in common, compulsive overeating.

No matter how hard we tried on our own, we could not control our eating. In OA we found the help we needed to stop overeating and start feeling better about ourselves.

We learned to live just one day at a time. We lost weight and kept it off. Best of all, we found peace of mind and a place where we belong. OA is not a diet club. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop eating compulsively. We do not weight you. We charge no dues or fees. We do not sign you in. We do not tell you what you should eat. We talk about what is eating us instead of what we are eating.

Our twelve steps of recovery have helped thousands of teenages of all ages to find new healthy ways of dealing with their feelings so they no longer need to escape into food. The steps can help you break out of the prison of compulsive overeating.

For help or to contact the Young People's Coordinator, click here.

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