Overeaters Anonymous
San Diego County Intergroup Incorporated

To the Medical Professional

Some simple questions:

We are a fellowship designed to combat compulsive food behaviors.

Research has shown that binge eating, or compulsive eating is an addictive process, just like drugs or nicotine. We have found if the person is willing, people can use the same methods found to be successful in treating drugs or alcohol addictions to resolve their destructive eating behaviors.

Overeaters Anonymous (OA) does not recommend any specific food plans. Our principals can work with any healthy food plan, medically supervised or not. According to our Twelve Traditions, these are outside matters on which we have no opinion. Some folks do have other physical and psychological disorders, we are not a therapy group. We recommend that members seek the advice of a health care professional for food plans or other treatments.

We are simply a network of support. Our members share their experience, strength, and hope along their path of recovery. Members are free to take what they like and leave the rest. With this method each person can find what really applies to them, learn new behaviors that can change their abnormal reaction to the normal behavior of eating.

We are willing to meet with you or your patients to discuss the program and our individual experience along the path of recovery. We do not charge for this, and we would prefer if our names stayed out of it as much as practically possible. Anonymity is a founding principle we value our own as well as that of your patients. We must always maintain our individual anonymity at the level of press, radio, television, and other forms of public media. If you would like to talk with someone, please contact our fellowship through the Public Information Coordinator and someone will contact you.

Overeaters Anonymous is a proven program based on the spiritual principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. Many people have reached a healthy weight and maintained it by following this program of recovery. For a listing of upcoming monthly meetings, retreats, regional annual convention, dances or special one-day events, click on our Calendar.

How it works

Overeaters Anonymous is a global fellowship. We have a support organization called the OA World Service Organization that provides a source for tools, techniques and literature. Our primary method is by the new member finding an experienced fellowship member who has a success story that the new person can identify with. The experienced member (Sponsor or Step coach) walks them through our simple program of recovery.

If the new fellowship member can work the program and learn the skills they can learn to live a life free of the obsession over their eating. It works for the compulsive binge eater, anorexic or bulimic, if they are willing to follow the few simple principles. This program has worked for those willing to follow it. Even gastric bypass patients who have fallen back on old behaviors.

Though medically supervised diets, gastric surgery or any other program centered around what you eat works in the short term, the long term solution we have found gives a person the tools to live a life free of weight changes due to the abuse of food.

We can work in conjunction with any food program.

We are self supporting through our fellowship's own contributions. We do not solicit support from any place. There are no contracts or commitments. We do ask each prospective person to go to a few meetings (free of charge) before deciding if this method will work for them.