Overeaters Anonymous
San Diego County Intergroup Incorporated

The Seventh Tradtion

The seventh tradition tells us that OA is self-supporting at all levels. Outside contributions are not accepted. In order to help meet OA's basic needs, a 60/30/10 plan is recommended. This means that after meeting expenses are met, any donations remaining be distributed 60% to the intergroup, 30% to World Services, and 10% to Region 2.

To download a form that you may print and use, click here. This form contains all the additional information and the complete mailing addresses for the intergroup, World Services, and Region 2.

2013 donation report by meeting.

Individual Donations

Meeting donations are always welcome but you may wish to make an individual donation (for example, the $20 a month club). We provide this secure and convenient way for you to support the activities of the San Diego Intergroup. This could be a "one time" donation or an automatic monthly donation using your credit/debit card or electronic funds transfer. Simply click the "Donate" button. Remember, any donations you make are tax deductable.